DANSES  SAISON 2020-2021 Apprieu
NOVICES (country)
Initiations pour tous
INTERMEDIAIRES(country) Révisions inter AVANCES(country)
Révisions/avançés Moderne line  novices Révisions/MLD
My Besties M lonely Damn
Nothing but you Good feelings EZ me too
Celtic spirits Back road nation Just forget
Keep it simple Savage Love Ez numa

Cherry bomb
Hardy rain dance Dare to dance

Half past tipsy

perfect crime Katchi

Bud light blue

Party Rockin Time Good vibes

The jacket

Taki taki

Bonaparte's retreat

DANSES SAISON 2020-2021 Saint-Hilaire
Country/Novices Révisions C/Novices Moderne line Novices Révision MLD novice MLD inter-avançés Révisions MLD I/A Country Inter/Avancés Révisions country I/A
love ain't these old boots Good feelings Ez me to Tik tok love Drop snap M lonely  Nothing but you
Little Désirable Savage love
Feel the heat The show Back road nation Keep it simple
Country boy lovin What make you country Rain dance


Perfect crime

Half past tipsy
Initiations pour tous
Party rock time

My Besties

Bud light blue
Celtic spirits

Second and heart
DANSES SAISON 2020-2021 Tullins
Country/Novices Révisions C/Novices Moderne line Novices Révision MLD novices  Country/ Inter-Avancés Révisions country I-A Moderne line inter/avancés Révisions MLD I/A
Bill's basic just take me away Choka choka
Bud light blue the jacket Clap clap clap
Nothing but you When you smile My ritual
Second and heart
Ocean to ocean
Faith hope and love
I can't take my eyes off you
La bomba
country boy lovin
Savage love
Novocaine kiss
Love ain't
Good feelings
Pick her up
Faithful soul
Rain dance
Mr Lonely
Just let me dance
By and by
Oceans will climb
My bestie
The little farmer
The banana dance
Bakroad nation

Wanna getcha
My bestie

Woman power