DANSES  SAISON 2018-2019 Apprieu
NOVICES (country) Les pas de la danse INTERMEDIAIRES(country) Révisions/inter AVANCES(country)
Moderne line  novices Révisions/avançés
Desirable Les premiers pas
Love takes time Big blue tree Make you stay Love you more Love runs
Hillbilly girl Apple jack Jackson morning Hit the diff Back to the bar Dhss Ouzo and black
Born to love Born to love Clear isabel Love takes time Bara bere Angel in blue jeans
Doin' me wrong Another country Empty space Cowgirls Uptown funk baby Bush party
Honky tonk Cloud 9 Just a girl Day of the dead Peculiar California
K is for kicks K is for kicks Chuck and cow-boy Sinner Done for me EZ Hey o
Down on your uppers Whiskey bridges Hit the road Jack Hennessee Only ones to know country field soul
Get down the fiddle Once bitten twice shy Missing Texas time La cintura Caught in the act
I won't back down People are good champagne promise Seven Do it like this To be in love
Ghost town Anthem That man Kinda don't care You are the reason baby Kick a little dirt around
White rose wandering hearths Seminole wind Lovatom Cuba libre My dear Juliet
Half a cha Wild card 18 Indian sound Six pack kick back Taki taki Mr policeman
Whyskey bridges simple as can be An absolute dream Drink,swear,steal and lear Back in your heart Hey brother
Long shot cowboy Just like that corn don't grow Woman amen All i am is you Hillbilly girl
Hillbilly girl see ya cecilia Come and get your love Mary mary
Feet don't fail me now My time machine Good time
Groovy love Alabama slamin
Carribean pearl
god only knows
DANSES SAISON 2018-2019 Tullins
Country/Novices-Inter Moderne line Novices  Country/ Inter-Avancés Moderne line inter/avancés Enfants Révisions
Duchess Bara bere Love takes time Groovy love 5,6,7,8 Missing
Bullfrog on a log Love you more Make you stay Pull you through Uptown funk Shape of you
Celtic duo ab Dhss Back to the bar Second time around Bullfrog on a log Locked away
Desirable Uptown funk baby Chill factor don't make me suffer  (revision) Love you more So just dance dance dance
Down on your uppers Done for me EZ Cowgirls Watch the tempo A-B chilli cha down at the station
Born to love Only ones to know Day of the dead Blaze of glory Shut up and dance ez frenchies
Indian sound La cintura countryfield soul (révision) Doing the walk
AB whirl just a girl
The wire You are the reason baby Hennessee Mind up footloose
Broken heart Do it like this Texas time Taki taki Andalouse
Another country Back in your heart Seven Get dat Danza kuduro
Long shot cow-boy My baby come Kinda don't care Vanotec cha cheerio
My uptown girl Cuba libre Lovatom power mix clear isabel
Get down the fiddle My way Six pack kick back Wild boys doctor doctor
Homesick heart Girls like you Drink,swear,steal and lear drop snap We are tonight
Whiskey bridges All i am is you woman amen Love like that Save the day
Anthem K is for a kick see ya cecilia Believer
i won t back down paradise Tag on
keep it simple come and get your love Echa pa'lla
Kick it boy Rock me baby Hit the road jack
I like it Good vibes
Sweet like cola
Wandering hearths My time machine

The flute
I'am one of those la fiesta cubana
Mini flute
Drowning great spirit
Proud mary burnin
Simple as can be One hundred

DANSES SAISON 2018-2019 Saint-Hilaire

Country/Novices Les pas de la danse Moderne line Novices Moderne line inter-avançés Country Inter/Avancés Révisions
Bullfrog on a log Les premiers pas Bara bere Hurt like a chacha Make you stay La Salvetat
Celtic duo ab Apple jack Love you more Groovy love Love takes time The gambler
Down on your uppers Dhss Watch the tempo
Back to the bar Living arizona
Desirable Done for me EZ Second time around
Cowgirls Make it shake
Empty space Peculiar Cuba libre
Day of the dead Don't stay for me
Born to love Only ones to know Taps Sinner Chill factor
K is for kicks Uptown funk baby Mind up Hennessee Caribbean pearl
Long shot cowboy La cintura Taki taki Texas time Master of tide
Get down the fiddle Do it like this Vanotec cha
Seven Caught in the act
Anthem Back in your heart great spirit Kinda don't care Shoop
the Harvester You are the reason baby Blaze of glory Lovatom Whole again
Wandering hearts Cuba libre wild boys Anthem Quarter after one
i'm one of those All i am is you people are good proud mary burning
I won't back down My way Six pack kick back The world
the roads never taken one undred Drink,swear,steal and lear Dixie girl
Come and get your love woman amen Danza kuduro
My time machine see ya cecilia Somewhere in my car
High hopes Rolling in the deep
good vibes for neige
groovy love samba hue

red camaro
Hey brother
Words to believe