NOVICES (country) NOVICES (Tullins) INTERMEDIAIRES(country) AVANCES(country)
COURS REVISIONS Moderne line  novices Moderne line intermediaire
Baby bell cucaracha Bring down the house Bring down the house I got you fireball AB Sunshine in my pocket
cucaracha When hell freezes baby Big Blue Tree Master of Tides Take back
Andalouse Cliché love song
When hell freezes baby Baby bell Thinkin’ Country  Angel in blue jeans Irish spirit Twist Be my baby now
Cheyenne’s Rock Cheyenne’s Rock Chuck & cowboy Untamed Ballymore boys Are you with me No me mires mas
Hippie chippin' away Winning streak Overated

When i've forgotten  to remember you

Tant que j' ai le soleil  One last time
Go cat go La chapelloise Frenchies To be in love No me mires mas Corazon diamante
Frenchies Hippie Big city summertime Never gonna let me go Be Happy now
Drinking with Dolly Go cat go Hold
life must go on Rivers of Babylone catch and release
New years day Frenchies Tour in mexico Love runs So just dance dance dance Sensacion
Linda lu Lonely green eyes Kick a little dirt around 1962 How you like it
Linda lou Drinking with Dolly Midnight train Written in scars Aqua y fuego stitches
Step off New years day Drunk in heels Girl crush stitches 1962
Golden wedding ring Chuck & cow-boy Stop & drink Growin' younger Bailar bailar So just dance dance dance
On the waves drunken sailor Come on down Gypsie queen Englishmen in New-york Ain't Misbehavin'
Rock around the clock Stop staring at my eyes Corn don't grow Priority I wanna be like you Save the day
Indian sound Winning steak Herminia Peligrosa Turn the beat up Pom poms
Drunken sailor footloose We go home Chuck & cowboy The Queen Whip it
Thinkin' country When i've forgotten  to remember you Patsy fagan Hold Don't be so shy Make it shake
Shaker mix Celti CT Countryfied Vai dancar Cake by the ocean
Drunk in heels Sunday finest I wanna be like you
Pick a ball Don't be so shy Domino
Midnight train Starship Dirty work
Stepp off Brazil Come and get it
Bossa nova Andalouse How you like it
green eyes Lay you down easy confident
Tush push hero jazz it up
cow-boy madison Blurred lines Rolling in the deep
cotton eyed joe circle save the day Dangerously
Indian sound Senorita
thinkin country Call me
Doctor doctor Brazil
Big city summertime shape of you Son of man
Come on down Mamma maria Badeya
Lay low Bollywood 45 Oops baby
I wanna be like you Sunday finest