COURS REVISIONS Moderne line  Moderne line  Moderne line inter/avancés
Shore thing bullfrog on a log Hit the road jack Hey O save a horse Cheerio
echa pa'lla And get it on
Go cat go Blue jean baby Drowning Carolina Boys Dirt road dancing Uptown funk ou Uptown funk feeling hot Uptown funk
Baby Bell Just a little love Little Bit Cajun Shadow Crazy foot mambo Want to want me Hope Rignt now
this and that Sweet Maureen Just add moonlight Lost in me Go mamma go marina Salga el sol wakey wakey
Meat and potato man Just A Girl We are tonight We are tonight Take me home mama And get it on Danza Kuduro Don't make me suffer
bullfrog on a log this and that Bounty Countryfied
Two Hell and back Red lights Sinner Love me harder
Come back my love  Come back my love  Somewhere else A Woman's Rant Kill the spider Do little do Kizomba Witness
An Absolue Dreams  On the waves Greater than me My Dear Juliet The World wakey wakey No me mires mas Saku Shake
Golden wedding ring
Stop me now I'm wearing black Sombody Like You Tippy tippy toes So just Dance Dance Dance Off the chain
That man
little bit cajun
Old School Rock'n Roll Moonshine in the truck Hot tamales Love me harder Cherrio Undefeated
Golden wedding ring  Dance it up Moonshine in the trunck Chicago Bonfire Avenir The Queen
Sweet maureen Down at the station  Bruises Fire on the mountain Bomshell Stomp Off the chain
Cliche love song
On the waves Friday Night  The Shoebox Tomorrow never comes Rignt now Comningo
Text me texas
Tomorow never comes A Woman's Rant Greater than me Shaku shake No me mires mas
Pick a ball
Lay low
We are tonight Mountain man
Dancing in the street Gold
American kids Text me texas
Raggle Taggle gypsy o One more chance

Fly hight

Don't make me suffer Make it shake
The boat to liverpool Fire on the mountain Overnight Turn the beat up Want to want me
The Harvester
Living Arizona One more chance The Shoebox Tequila my uptown girl Shut up and dance 
Blue jean baby Tag on
A one way ticket It's América King of apology Make it shake Body goes boom
Just a little love The Harvester Upside down Mona lisa Dance of love Sunshine In My Pocket Witness
The boat to liverpool
I'm wearing black Ding dang darn it years Cliche love song
Friday night
Somewhere in my car Here for a good time You girl Undefeated
just a girl
The Queen
Old School Rock'n Roll Say Geronimo Cliche love song
Little Bit Cajun Living arizona
Dance it up