DANSES SAISON 2013-2014 
NOVICES (country) INTERMEDIAIRES(country) AVANCES(country)
Moderne line tous niveaux Moderne line avancés Partner
something easy Thanks a lot Reflection Reflection Badeya I want your body something fine
Big love in town Homeward bound Apache spirit dance Apache spirit dance Ambiance More than friends Toes together
anything goes Sex love and Texas loving you is fun loving you is fun come so fare when i was your man
Lover please come back
cocacola cow-boy Honky-tonk rock Sex love and Texas Sex love and Texas backstreet come so fare For neige for two
An absolute dream I got you Amazing grace Amazing grace  When i was your man maldon Alligator shuffle
Cut a rug Bad things for neige for neige big girl boogie cry to me Sweet delight
Strut Have you ever seen the rain voodoo jive  Have you ever seen the rain set it off Wind up ya waist Santa fé chacha
Go cat go Telepathy Have you ever seen the rain voodoo jive  wind up ya waist Gleefuly there tango cha
mini flûte Dance of love Dance of love I got you I' am in love whith you play hard Knee Deep for 2
kangaroo hide stay stay stay telescope Dance of love payphone La Salvetat Island Time
P3 Here for a good time driven telescope Call me maybe Hope Red hot salsa
That man The Gambler stay stay stay driven Zumba line dance sentimental City light swing
Hurry up, slow down Make this day I got you I'm wearing black Don't Look any further New-york 2 LA Beer for my horses
Factor 8 for neige Here for a good time good girls gone bad Lucky junior Feel this moment
Eldorado Trailerhood Hey brother Hey brother Hope Obsession
Seminol wind Red camaro 50 ways 50 ways
Wow Tokyo
stay stay stay Centurion Centurion Proud Mary Burnin
gold digger Red camaro Red camaro
Marti Fly high
Some beach Gipsy rosa li