DANSES SAISON 2017-2018 Tullins
Country/Novices-Inter Les pas de la danse Moderne line Novices  Country/ Inter-Avancés Moderne line inter/avancés
We only live once Les premiers pas A little sweet Stay all night Dame mas
It takes all kinds Apple jack Cupid shuffle Chasing down a good time Jumpshot
Girl of the summer Have a good time Dig your heels Papi
come to dance
I got a woman  A country high
A little bit lit
Stand by me I be you be Dear life
Happy Happy Happy Despacito Dear life Back in time
The roads never taken
Private dancer Wonder Clap snap
Little sofia Outta style
All katchi all night long
Doin' me wrong
I'm free Life of the party
Run me like a river
The harvester
Pretty little galway girl About me
Raise your glass
2 more bottles
Babylon Dixie girl Perfect
Empty space
Rocket to the sun God only knows
Peculiar game
lonely drum
sign of the time Ouzo and black Pom poms
Adventure of the liftime California
No no no
Save me tonight
Katchi Tin Roof Finesse
Heyday tonight
Gansta walk Celtic duo
Hurts like a cha cha
Outta style
Mi gente Bush party
Don't stat for me
Coastin Stitches NCIS
Adventure 45
golden wedding ring
Perfect Make you stay
Hit the diff
Hey baby
Honky tonk
Havana cha
Thinkin country
Cry to me
Don't be so shy
Beer for my horses
More that friends
Clear Isabel
No no no
Smokin grass
Living arizona Locked away
My uptown girl Sinner
Hilly billy girl Subeme la radio
Big city summertime DHSS
Old & grey Finesse
Champagne promise Arrow
Honest Adventure 45
Duchess Love you more