DANSES SAISON 2018-2019 Tullins
Country/Novices-Inter Moderne line Novices  Country/ Inter-Avancés Moderne line inter/avancés Enfants Révisions
Duchess Bara bere Love takes time Groovy love 5,6,7,8 Missing
Bullfrog on a log Love you more Make you stay Pull you through Uptown funk Shape of you
Celtic duo ab Dhss Back to the bar Second time around Bullfrog on a log Locked away
Desirable Uptown funk baby Chill factor don't make me suffer  (revision) Love you more So just dance dance dance
Down on your uppers Done for me EZ Cowgirls Watch the tempo A-B chilli cha down at the station
Born to love Only ones to know Day of the dead Blaze of glory Shut up and dance ez frenchies
Indian sound La cintura countryfield soul (révision)
AB whirl just a girl
The wire You are the reason baby Hennessee footloose
Broken heart Do it like this Andalouse
Another country Back in your heart Danza kuduro
Long shot cow-boy My baby come cheerio
clear isabel
doctor doctor
We are tonight
Save the day