DANSES SAISON 2023-2024 Saint-Hilaire
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The morning after Lonely drum
Ready to be loved
I freakind love you
The last hurrah
So just dance dance dance
The morning after
Ready for it (this is)
Bullfrog on a log
Ready for the ride

Show me
Ready for it (this is) caught in the act
outta my mind
Barbie dreams
go getter
cliché love song
Right girl wrong time
What we're made of
Another show

Stand by me

Raise your glass
Rodéo queen
Beer for my horses
Lucky lips

You'll never stop

the queen
3 tequila floor
Cajun celtic
Giddy up

LDF(lets dance forever)

Never gonna not dance
off the chain
Lucky megan
Dancin violins
Tacos et margaritas

Sexy mona lisa

Tequila shots
Cowboys word Pot of gold
Stealing the best


Do thy neightbor
Tourist Askin question
Sweet & texas

Shake it vegas

I wanna praise you
1,2 snap Rhyme or reason
Country nights

Do thy neightbor
Work the world
Rolling in the deep Country nights
Save a horse
Whiskey Whiskey
Dance by my side

if you believe
Shut up chiken Ghosted
linda lou
I loved'em every one

I wanna praise you
Great spirit Get in or get out shadow
Sugar Daddy

Sexy lady

Someone to you
Clap snap when you're drunk
Time to let go
Rodeo queen

Soul queen

you put a spell on me
Headphones Straight line I'm wearing black
Road to errogie

glass of wine

Men on a mission
Perfect crime Texas hold em
For neige
Beyonce's country

She doesn't mind

Portland dance floor

Road to errogie Wild stallion
I can feel it

Get loose


Washed up in Austin
Get in or get out
So juste dance dance


Miss thang