DANSES  SAISON 2019-2020 Apprieu
NOVICES (country) INTERMEDIAIRES(country) Révisions/inter AVANCES(country)
Moderne line  novices
Honky tonky Damn Bound ta git down Ez me to
Doing me wrong Just forget Nothing but you Dare to dance
Half a cha Cherry bomb Bad fiddling Play EZ
Ain't too prood to beg Half past tipsy Keep it simple ez numa
Ghost town almost saturday night Honky tonk time machine Good vibes
Désirable Bud light blue Second and heart Love like that
Nothing but you The jacket Novocaine kiss
Loud love Bonaparte's retreat Hardy Always remember
Codigo Carly et josh A little kiss
Down Senorita la la la
Ease up Dance monkey
Hillbilly girl Rock it
Fast hearts and slow towns
DANSES SAISON 2019-2020 Saint-Hilaire
Country/Novices Moderne line Novices Moderne line inter-avançés Country Inter/Avancés Révisions country Révision MLD
these old boots Ez me to Drop snap Bound ta git down Life of the party Footstep
Rain Dare to dance Love like that Damne See ya cecilia Danza kuduro
What make you country Ez numa Arcade Nothing but you Somethere in my care Obsesion
Nothing but you Play EZ Revolution Bad fiddling Somedy like you Poker face
Ain't too prood to beg Little kiss The show
Cherry bomb For neige Angie
Loud love Good vibes Cheerio Half past tipsy Carribean pearl Codigo
Keep it simple I'ts all about the 3 steps Seniorita bachata Keep it simple 50 ways ain't misbehavin
Down Always remember Clap Clap Clap Honky tonk time machine Open heart cowboy NY2LA
With the boys Senorita la la la Dance monkey Bud light blue Hey brother
Hillbilly girl Love like that Soldier Second and heart Firestorm
Radio song Dance monkey Georgious Novocaine kiss see ya cecilia
Rock it The jacket Chill factor
Hardy Rio
the gambler
Bonaparte's retreat
My dear juliet
DANSES SAISON 2019-2020 Tullins
Country/Novices-Inter Moderne line Novices  Country/ Inter-Avancés Moderne line inter/avancés Révisions
Mishnock slide All the way up Bount ta git down Drop snap Woman amen
Half a cha ez numa Damn lov like that See ya cecilia
Country bump ez me to Just forget The show Bush party
These old boots Dare to dance Nothing but you I'll never love again Power mix
What make you country So am i Cherry bomb Senorita bachata Great spirit
Ghost town Play EZ Bad fiddling Arcade Danza kuduro
Fast hearts and slow towns A little kiss Half past tipsy Baby madda Master of tides
Loud love Dance monkey Honky tonk time machine Fake ID Overrated
When you smile EZ never growing up Soul shake Soldier Jazz it up
Keep it simple Good vibes Bud light blue Clap clap clap Proud mary burnin
Codigo Always remember Second and heart La bomba Cheerio
Down Sucker EZ almost saturday night ocean to ocean 50 ways
why don't you Absolutely Hardy
Radio song Giant the jacket
With the boys Rock it
Nothing but you calma y lento
just take me away get up get up get busy
faith hope and love Shot of tequila